100 Calories Fragile Berries Blackberries (Pack of 6)


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  • 100 Calories Fragile Berries Blackberries (Pack of 6)
  • 100 Calories Fragile Berries Blackberries (Pack of 6)
  • 100 Calories Fragile Berries Blackberries (Pack of 6)

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  • NUTRITIONAL VALUE. Blackberries contain many essential vitamins, minerals, micro elements and are a great source of fibre. Freeze drying is the optimal way of preserving all the beneficial features.
  • QUALITY PACKAGE. Fragile berries by Calsway are packed in convenient resealable protective foil-packs, so you can bring them anywhere. Because of their super light weight, freeze dried berries are liked by mountaineers and travelers.
  • WHOLE BERRIES. Eat them as an ultra-light snack, add to natural yogurt, porridge or tea. Use them in shakes or as toppings.
  • LEAN and NATURAL. Only 100 calories per pack. No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. No added anything - pure berries.
  • VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, RAW. Suitable for vegan and raw diet, as well for "5 a day" nutrition programme.
  • CHECKED and APPROVED. All Calsway products are carefully selected and approved by our nutritionists.
  • CALORIES COUNTED, not grams. All of the product are packed according to their value in calories.

Freeze dried Calsway whole blackberries are the result of the unique process of lyophilisation. Fresh berries are deep-frozen and then warmed in a vacuum extracting all moisture. However, the vitamins, fibre and other important nutrients remain intact as the berries are not heat-treated.

As they are packed in the special barrier-foil packaging, Calsway Fragile Berries have a long shelf life with no need for any preservatives or special storage conditions. This can easily be one of your "5 a Day" with only 100 kcal per pack! Please note that all freeze-dried (lyophilised) foods will absorb moisture from the room air after opening, so we recommend consuming the opened pack in 4 hours. Otherwise the product can lose some of its original crispiness.

It's a healthy and natural product, not a candy - no added sugar here and original taste of the berries is even emphasised by freeze drying. You can eat freeze dried berries as is or rehydrate to restore to the raw state. Though we do our best to pack only whole freeze dried blackberries, please understand that they are really fragile as the name says. Some of them inevitably will come crushed in the pack but they are still pretty tasty, great for toppings etc.

Ingredients: blackberries (100%). Keep in a dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Recommended temperature: 0 °C to +30 °C. Keep sealed after opening and consume in 4 hours.

Shipment content: 6 packages (100 kcal/28,8 g net each) in a box.



100 g

28,8 g (1 pack)

Energy value

347 kCal/1452 kJ

100 kCal


2,61 g

0,75 g

   of which saturated fatty acids

0,09 g

0,025 g


85,30 g

24,57 g

   of which sugars

50,01 g

14,40 g*


35,30 g

10,17 g


4,88 g

1,41 g


0,01 g

0,003 g

*No added sugar. Natural sugar from the fruits.

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